shutterstock_323975693Those who are found to be confirmed virus carriers are contacted by our navigator to meet with a physician in his/her community, at which point patient will be engaged with counseling, further tests, potential treatment, and follow up plans.

All the participants who had screening tests are contacted by the navigator via the following means of communication: telephone, mail, and email (if available). We will establish Tracking Database by which all the correspondences between participants and the navigator will be recorded and followed. The participants who do not respond, for instance, will be tracked down and will be persistently attempted to contact through the means of telephone calls and certified mails.


Patient Navigator

navi2Patient navigator’s major role is to facilitate the communication between patients and care providers. We propose to utilize currently available chat app (e.g. whatsapp, kakao talk, etc) as heptalk to communicate with patients. Heptalk is a secure texting communication tool which would serve as a new mechanism of connecting the navigator and patients through instant messaging. In addition to educating, engaging and empowering the patients, this tool will help to navigate the patients so that they are not lost in the chain of linkage to care. Heptalk can help to ensure adequate follow ups, and to address any issues they have accessing healthcare facility. The benefits of Heptalk are enormous, including communication speed and accessibility and a reduction of expenses on patients’ parts. Heptalk is not limited by geographic boundaries and is able to access people lacking transportation.